Occupational Certificate: Office Administrator

102161 - Learnership Number: 32Q320059364455
Status Of The Programme: 


Learning Options: 

Blended Learning 

Purpose of the Programme: 

This occupational qualification provides an opportunity for the learner to acquire a range of administrative skills to coordinate the activities of an office including information management and operational processes.

Qualified learners will be competent to support management with office and information administration demonstrating a range of administrative and communication skills.  They will be able to function in Human Resource, Marketing, Public Relations or Financial departments/unit which will enable them to accomplish tasks professionally and efficiently in the increasingly computerised environment of a business office in accordance with national and international standards in the field.  The learner will also understand cultural diversity, multicultural communication and the principles of a professional image and grooming to promote the image of the organisation.

The occupational qualification is to equip learners with the broad based knowledge and skills to be able to be employed in a small business or a large corporation, public or private and advance their personal and career management skills to enhance their employability.

The qualified learner will be actively engaged in becoming a well-rounded, multi-skilled office administrator, prepared for further, more specific study in the various fields, which enables easier progression routes.

► ONLY : R36 750.00 (Excl. VAT) per delegate

Programme Outcomes: 

On completion of the programme you will be able to:

  1. Manage resources according to good governance policies and procedures to facilitate the smooth and effective operational activities within the organisation.
  2. Manage, coordinate and assist in the administration and clerical support of specific departments to facilitate the smooth running thereof by using computerised systems and practices.
  3. Assist in selection process, induction, employee wellness and skills development of employees.
  4. Process given data to complete a Workplace Skills Plan.
  5. Assist in the administrative function of the marketing, public relations and advocacy of the organisation.
  6. Communicate effectively using appropriate methods to maintain effective customer relationships according to organisational standards customer service of internal and external stakeholders.
  7. Plan, administer and provide support services to a special project within an organisation.
Program Outline: 
Knowledge module
(60 credits)
Module 1 Introduction to Office Administration
Module 2 Work Readiness
Module 3 Document Management
Module 4 Meeting Support
Module 5 Resource Management
Module 6 Tender and Procurement Support
Module 7 Staffing Administration
Module 8 Workplace Skills Plan Development Support
Module 9 Marketing Administration Support
Module 10 Customer Relationships
Module 11 Support Project Administration
Learning Assumed to be in Place: 

It is assumed that learners entering this programme are competent on Level 4 with Communication.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): 

RPL for access to the qualification: Khulisane and approved workplaces may recognise prior learning against the relevant access requirements.  Application forms are available from our offices. 

RPL for access to the external integrated summative assessment: Khulisane and workplaces must confirm prior learning by issuing a statement of result or certifying a work experience record.



Learning Journey and Duration: 36 Days spread over 24 months including work experience.

Internal assessment: Portfolio of evidence will be submitted within two months after the training of each module. Assessment activities include evaluating all documentation produced during the process and questioning to test knowledge and ability to apply.  This assessment leads to entrance into the integrated external summative assessment.

External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA): The External integrated summative assessment conducted through the relevant QCTO Assessment Quality partner is required for the issuing of this qualification. The external integrated summative assessment will focus on the exit level outcomes and associated assessment criteria. The external assessment will be conducted through a theoretical assessment by an assessor registered by the AQP at approved assessment centres.

Certification: The QCTO will issue the certificate to successful candidates after completion of the EISA.

Target Group: 

This qualification is designed for learners who wish to study towards the following job titles:

  • Accounts Supervisor
  • Administration Officer (Local Government)
  • Business Administration Officer (Local Government)
  • Office Supervisor
  • Office Coordinator
  • Administration Clerk / Officer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Clerical Officer
  • Client Services Administrator
  • Community Services Clerk
  • Operation Services / Support Officer
  • Planning Support Officer/Site clerk
  • Tender Evaluation Coordinator

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