Occupational Certificate: Career Development Information Officer

Status Of The Programme: 


Learning Options: 

Blended Learning 

Purpose of the Programme: 

The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Career Development Information Officer.  A Career Development Information Officer provides individuals and groups with information about career choices and how to access their career paths that will empower them to make informed career related decisions.

As no formal registered qualification or competency standards exist for persons delivering Career Development Information Services in South Africa, this qualification seeks to address this.

A large number of persons will have to be trained to meet the national demand for Career Development Information Officers. The immediate demand is estimated at some 10 000 beneficiaries from government institutions such as schools, relevant government departments and educational institutions. This qualification will also serve the needs of Non-Governmental Organisations and private initiatives that provide career development information services to their clients.

► ONLY : R31 500.00 (Excl. VAT) per delegate

Programme Outcomes: 

On completion of the programme you will be able to:

  1. Provide career development information to individual clients so as to empower them to make informed career development decisions.
  2. Provide career development information to groups so as to empower group members to make informed career development decisions.
  3. Maintain administrative and networking functions to ensure efficient and effective career development information services.
Program Outline: 
Knowledge module
(60 credits)
Module 1 Introduction to Career Development
Module 2 Career Development and Individual Clients
Module 3 Group Information Sessions
Module 4 Career Development Service
Learning Assumed to be in Place: 

It is assumed that learners entering this programme are competent on NQF Level 4.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): 

RPL for access to the qualification: Khulisane and approved workplaces may recognise prior learning against the relevant access requirements.  Application forms are available from our offices. 

RPL for access to the external integrated summative assessment: Khulisane and workplaces must confirm prior learning by issuing a statement of result or certifying a work experience record.


Learning Journey and Duration: 11 Days training spread over a period of 8 months including work experience.

Internal assessment: Portfolio of evidence will be submitted on completion of each module. Assessment activities include evaluating all documentation produced during the process and questioning to test knowledge and ability to apply.  This assessment leads to entrance into the Integrated External Summative Assessment (EISA).

External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA): The EISA will be conducted through the relevant QCTO Assessment Quality Partner (AQP).  The EISA will focus on the exit level outcome and associated assessment criteria. The external assessment will be conducted through a theoretical assessment by an assessor registered by the AQP at approved assessment centres.

Certification: The QCTO will issue the certificate to successful candidates after completion of the EISA.

Target Group: 

This qualification is designed for learners who wish to study towards the occupation as Career Development Information Officer.

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