Further Education and Training Certificate: New Venture Creation

66249 - Learnership Number: 23 Q 230013 27 142 4 4 R
Status Of The Programme: 


Learning Options: 

Blended Learning 

Purpose of the Programme: 

This qualification is intended for persons who wish to start, operate, manage and grow a new small to medium business venture. Learners attempting this qualification will be equipped with a variety of technical, business managerial and personal skills and strategies to help them succeed in the creation and sustenance of a business.

The successful learner will develop a sound foundation for the application of these skills and knowledge to explore a diverse range of entrepreneurial opportunities.

► ONLY : R26 400.00 (Excl. VAT) per delegate

Programme Outcomes: 

On completion of this program learners will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to identify and create a new venture.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of interpersonal skills required in a business environment.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of basic economics within a market economy.
  4. Manage a new venture by applying business principles and techniques.
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of leadership and management.
Program Outline: 
Knowledge module
(60 credits)
Module 1 Entrepreneurship
(11 credits)
Module 2 Business planning
(17 credits)
Module 3 Business finance
(11 credits)
Module 4 Business development
(9 credits)
Module 5 Business Management
(20 credits)
Module 6 Negotiation Skills
(5 credits)
Module 7 HR and Labour Relations
(9 credits)

Select from below to the value of = 11 credits
Module 8 Team building
(10 credits)
Module 9 Basic Computer skills
(11 credits)
Module 10 Effective tendering
(5 credits)
Learning Assumed to be in Place: 
  •  Communication at NQF Level 3
  •  Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): 

This qualification can be achieved wholly or in part through Recognition of Prior Learning in terms of the defined exit level outcomes and/or individual unit standards.


OPTION 1 (Online training via the blended learning approach):

Learning Journey and Duration: You have 12 months to complete this programme.  Included in this programme are virtual sessions of 2 hours each, self-directed learning activities as well as preparation for summative assessment.  

OPTION 2 (Group bookings for onsite training – minimum of 10 delegates):

Learning Journey and Duration: 22 Days of classroom training.

Assessment Details: The purpose of the qualification is achieved via demonstration of competence in terms of the exit level outcomes, which in turn are a function of the associated unit standards. Summative assessment will take place after completing the training, for each module.  Candidates will be assessed in an integrative manner per exit level outcome according to the qualification rules. All assessment evidence will be uploaded on the Learning Management System (LMS).

Certification: This includes obtaining endorsement from the SETQAA.

Qualification: 66249 - Further Education and Training Certificate: New Venture Creation

Target Group: 

This qualification is intended for persons who wish to start, operate, manage and grow a new small to medium business venture.


This Qualification meets the needs of society by, primarily, providing persons who are able to apply the fairly complex knowledge and skills required to be an entrepreneur and thus contribute to the economic upliftment of themselves, their community and thereby the nation as a whole.

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